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Researchers show that global democracy really is slipping

Most observers of global political development would probably just nod at this. There definitely seems to be a pattern: Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin,  Xi Jinping, Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Victor Orbán to just mention the most obvious ones. 

But recently two Swedish researchers went one step further and provides us with numbers, or at least graphs. According to Anna Lührmann and Staffan I Lindberg’s article A third wave of autocratization is here: what is new about it? we are right now in the third wave of autocratization.

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Marina Gorbis on: ”Five Principles for Thinking Like a Futurist”

Forget about predictions. Focus on signals. Look back to see forward. Uncover patterns. Create a community. […] At its best, futures thinking is not about predicting the future; rather, it is about engaging people in thinking deeply about complex issues, imagining new possibilities, connecting signals into larger patterns, connecting the past with the present and […]

Which is the most important parameter for the future of humanity?

It is easy to believe that the future is a consequence of a number of external driving forces. Just for the overview, we can collect them under the headlines Social factors (soc), Technological factors (tech), Economical Factors (econ), Ecological Factors (ecol) and Political Factors (pol). If we describe it as a mathematical function for how the society […]

National Intelligence Council futures report: Paradox of Progress

Only days before(!) Donald Trump is inaugurated as POTUS the US Nation Intelligence Council released a public report on the future which underlines their views of the uncertainties which will shape the next 20 years. The timing of the release of an open intelligence report is of course a whole discussion in itself. What caught my eye […]